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Grief Relief 

Grief touches every aspect of our lives, yet it's often overlooked. Whether through the loss of a loved one, a job, a pet, or even changes like an empty nest, grief is unpredictable and ever-present. If you’re struggling with negative thoughts, memories, or regrets, I can guide you towards a hopeful future. As a compassionate coach, I help navigate grief's complex path and find light again.


For community organizations and schools, I offer training to support grieving individuals. Together, we can foster a compassionate community where everyone feels safe to grieve and heal openly.


My Grief Story

I have lost several people in my life, but as a young person, you never expect to lose those who are your contemporaries. Three of my first cousins have died under tragic circumstances. Not only was I suffering from my own sadness, but watching my aunts, uncles, and other cousins struggle with these losses has been incredibly difficult. In some cases, their grief was so overwhelming that they couldn't express it. They kept it inside, isolated themselves, and withdrew from life for years. This silent suffering led to long-term psychological distress, making daily life a struggle and damaging their most important relationships. They didn't get the help they needed or learn the coping skills that could have made a difference.


Witnessing this has profoundly affected me. It has driven me to seek specialized training in helping others deal with grief. My journey became even more personal when my mother passed away in April 2024. My parents were inseparable, so much so that when I was 12, I told my dad that I hoped he would go first because I couldn't imagine him without my mom. It seems like a terrible thing to say, but the thought of it was already causing me anxiety. Now, that reality is upon me.


Although I hold a master’s degree in counseling, my personal experiences with grief have drawn me to support others who are grieving specifically. I believe we have a broken grief culture in the U.S. Too often, people are expected to return to their lives and work at 100% shortly after experiencing profound loss. Friends, family, employers, and colleagues may not understand the depth of grief and the time it takes to heal. People are often shattered, and our culture does not make space for this experience.


I want to help normalize grieving and stop the stigma surrounding it. Grief is a normal human experience, one that everyone will face at some point. Yet, we often pretend that we can heal in just a few weeks. In truth, grief changes us forever. I am committed to creating a culture where we honor our grieving process, where we are supported by our community, and where we learn to carry our grief instead of hiding from it.

I hope to make a difference by offering the support and understanding that my family members needed. We must learn to embrace our grief, acknowledge its impact, and support each other through it. Only then can we truly heal and move forward, carrying our loved ones with us in a healthy and meaningful way.

Upcoming and Ongoing Grief Groups

  • Surviving Loss - For Recent Loss

    • Connect with fellow grievers

    • Share grief story

    • Prioritize self-care

    • Set boundaries and ask for what you need

  • Learning to Accept The New Reality

    • Address undelivered communication

    • Manage regrets & unmet expectations

    • Learning to manage and express emotion

  • Acceptance & Life After Loss

    • Clarify values & reconnect with what matters

    • Release grief and trauma from the body

    • Learn to trust yourself and identify what’s next











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