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Grief is much more common than our culture acknowledges. We experience the same emotional process whether we have lost a loved one, a job, a beloved pet or a partner due to divorce. Even an empty nest or a loved one with declining cognitive abilities can cause us to experience the grip of grief.                                                      


I offer custom programs for individuals and organizations utilizing a variety of tools gathered throughout many years of my counseling and human service career.  Find the phone link below and call or text for more information. 

Individual Intensives: 20-Hour Program

I use a number of tools, including Therapeutic Breathing, Voice Dialogue and other recovery techniques to build a program specifically for my clients. The  20-32 hour program is held over 5-30 days. 

Due to restrictions imposed by The Grief Recovery Institute, all Grief Recovery Method meetings are suspended until Covid-19 gatherings are allowed!

The Grief Recovery Method is an action based program. This program has been implemented in 22 countries and translated into more than 15 languages.  It has been successful in helping tens of thousands to recover from loss of all kinds. Please call for more information and we can discuss your concerns and needs. Initial consultations are complimentary.


GRM Groups

The group will be guided through a series of exercises that will help uncover what keeps us stuck in our grief. Groups are 8 sessions, meeting once a week for 90-120 min. Group size is limited to 12 attendees.  The support of a group offers a safe place to express your sadness. Please contact me for more details.  


GRM Individual Sessions

You will be guided through a series of exercises that will help you uncover the unmet dreams, plans and expectations and fulfill all incomplete communication. Sessions can be held in your home or in my office. Individual sessions are scheduled for 7 consecutive weeks. Please contact me for details. Sessions are 90 minutes. 

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