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Mentorship sessions are available to students in formal training with the Transformations USA Program developed by Jim Morningstar and curated by Kate Becker and Jack Fontana. 

Sessions can be booked by texting or calling Nicole directly at 504-416-0590. A 20 minute free consultation is available to determine if we are a good fit for mentorship. 

Sessions are $100/hr. Only available for Kate Becker's, Jack Fontana's or Jim Morningstar's students only. 

Nicole has trained in Breathwork with Jack Fontana since 2013 and with Jim Morningstar since 2016. Nicole earned a Master's degree in counseling psychology and has additional training in various therapeutic techniques such as Grief Recovery and Voice Dialogue which she incorporates along with coaching centered around relationships, self-esteem and life goals into her work. She also encourages breathwork sessions with most clients. See 'about' for more.

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