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Grief Relief 


Embark on a transformative coaching experience designed to help you integrate your emotions, cultivate resilience and navigate your new reality. Through Nicole's impactful coaching, profound breathwork sessions, and personalized at-home exercises, you'll develop the tools and strength to: 

  • Integrate your loss into your life story

  • Reframe regrets and guilt with self-compassion and release painful memories 

  • Reconstruct a renewed sense of self 

  • Develop coping strategies and optimize resources for the new reality

  • Adjust roles, responsibilities, and routines for moving forward

  • Reflect on the relationship's impact on personal identity

  • Identify and navigate complex emotions and feelings

  • Record impactful memories of the relationship

Mourning Retreat Offer:

  • 19 Total Sessions 

    • 1 personal history session to establish your needs 

    • 8 grief coaching sessions (60 Min)

    • 10 therapeutic & transformative breathwork sessions (90 mins)

    • a set of tailored at-home exercises

Resilience Offer:

  • 13 Total Sessions 

    • 1 personalized history session (90 mins)

    • 6 cathartic breathwork sessions (60 mins)

    • 6 grief coaching sessions 

      • customize topics from the list above

    • a set of tailored at-home exercises

These are typical packages and I always offer customized packages if requested. We all have specific needs. Be realistic with what you are willing to contribute to your growth and well-being. We become encumbered by our grief and patterns over time and freeing ourselves takes consistent practice, mindfulness and new habits.

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