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Transformative Therapeutic Breathing and Coaching with

Therapeutic Breathing is a powerful body and breath-centered meditation on steroids. Your coaching experience will be a powerful journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Nicole's transformative coaching, powerful breathwork sessions, and personalized at-home exercises will help you:


  • Break free from limiting beliefs hindering your progress

  • Uncover your inherent nature—understand your deepest fears, define your values, articulate your beliefs, and clarify your aspirations 

  • Awaken your awareness of recurring negative thoughts!

  • Release negative patterns and cultivate healthier habits

  • Learn valuable self-coaching techniques that will empower you to grow beyond the work we do together


Freedom Offer:

  • 17 Total Sessions In Person or Online

    • 1 Personal History Session to Establish Your Needs

    • 8 Breakthrough Coaching Sessions (60 Min)​​

    • A set of tailored at-home exercises

    • 8 Therapeutic & Transformative Breathwork Sessions (90 mins)

      • Breathing sessions are in-person or online. Coaching sessions online only


Thrive Offer:

  • 12 Total Sessions will unlock your inward journey

    • 1 personalized history session

    • 6 cathartic breathwork sessions 

    • 5 ground-breaking coaching sessions (45-60 min each)

    • A set of tailored journal homework exercises. 

      • Breathing sessions in-person or online. Coaching sessions online only

These are typical packages and I always offer customized packages if requested. We all have specific needs. Be realistic with what you are willing to contribute to your growth and well-being. We become encumbered by our fears and patterns over time and freeing ourselves takes consistent practice, mindfulness and healthy habits. 

For More Information, call Nicole at 504-416-0590, texts are seen fastest

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