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Moving On: Come Nurture Yourself and Breathe Out Trapped Emotions After Loss or Transition
Join us on January 18 at Wild Lotus Yoga, Uptown for a workshop focusing on the feelings and beliefs that keep us stuck in our grief. 
Losing a loved one, a job, or going through a divorce or breakup leaves us feeling overwhelmed and sometimes even frozen. We often suffer in silence. 
Our culture expects us to 'get over it' well before we have processed the emotions that can wash over us like a tidal wave or instead manifest in a constant undercurrent.  
We will use conscious connected breathing, light movement, and expressive arts to process our suppressed emotions. Our bodies are living libraries that hold all of the emotional information and experiences of our lives. Activated, connected breath acts like an emotional detox to help release pressure caused by holding in or compartmentalizing emotions. 

It is common to experience a waking dream state or a non-ordinary state of consciousness in addition to feeling unique and surprising physical sensations. After this experience, expect to feel lighter, more focused and more peaceful

Please join us at Wild Lotus Yoga on January 18 from 1-6PM. $150
Register at: or call 504-899-0047
For More Information on the Workshop, Call Nicole at 504-416-0590
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