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Being Mindful of Your Breath May Help Your Physical and Mental Health

Being Mindful Means Paying Attention To Your Thoughts, Feelings, Sensations and Environment. Mindfulness can help you regulate your emotions, reduce stress, anxiety and even depression.

How Can I Learn To Be Mindful?

  • Begin by listening to your thoughts

  • Are your thoughts negative or mostly positive?

  • Negative thinking can lead to panic attacks, anxiety and depression

  • Recognize that not everything you think is actually true

  • Pay attention to the sensations in your body

  • Notice how your body reacts to the environment and the people around you 

  • Notice how your body reacts to the foods you eat

  • Do your shoulders tense every time you run into a particular acquaintance?

  • Do you hold your breath when you are driving in bad traffic?

  • Do you feel the air-conditioning blowing across the hairs on your arm?

  • Becoming present to your body, your thoughts and your sensations is how we become mindful​

  • Mostly it is about paying attention 

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